Travis County

Agenda Item

Consider and take appropriate action regarding:

a. Board and committee assignments and appointments for Commissioners Court members
b. Commissioners Court retreat, for the discussion of:
1. Travis County Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles, and Goals
2. Travis County Work Plan
(Judge Eckhardt)


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Meeting History

Feb 5, 2019 9:00 AM Video Commissioners Court Voting Session
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Members of the Court heard from:

Cynthia McDonald, County Executive, TNR



Feb 5, 2019 9:00 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoCommissioners CourtVoting Session

4:05 PMWhat we're doing right now is we ourselves are trying to learn up what a behavioral health authority could do for us. We're not quite ripe for a work session. We're learning right along with the rest of the community.
4:06 PMThat's right.
So when we have some more meat on the bones and also to provide information to you all to do your own exploration individually, then we can move it forward. But I just wanted to give you all an update of the conversations that had been had so if somebody asks your thoughts about a local behavioral health authority, you all wouldn't be like what the heck, what's happening. So explore it, let us know, you know, what your exploration produce and we'll certainly have -- we'll put it all into a pool of meaning and then at the end of the day we'll all be prepared to make a decision. But yeah, you are absolutely right. Your feelings of wow, what do I not know here are completely valid.

4:06 PMI think we're all in that space right now. All right. Next agenda item number 28 regarding subcommittees and the retreat. 28, let me rita -- read that out. Consider and take appropriate action regarding board and committee assignments and appointments for commissioners court members, b, commissioners retreated, discussion of travis vision, mission, work plan. We have a full commissioners court here. Why don't we go ahead and dispense with 28a with regard to the board and committee assignments.
4:07 PMI'm fine with mine.
I'm okay with mine and Commissioner Shea and I have agreed that she is going to stay on the bcp coordinating committee for again this year. So that's -- we are in agreement with that, right, Commissioner Shea?
4:08 PMThat sounds great.
Same ones from last year.
Except for tnr, judge. we need to add those on.
With regard to the transportation and natural resources subcommittee. So currently the transportation and natural resources subcommittee is Commissioner Travillion and Commissioner Shea. Is that correct?
There is a desire by Commissioner Gomez and Commissioner Daugherty to be on the tnr subcommittee. No?
I time I feel like I need something, I just call tnr and get them in. If you want to post it, I think that was your suggestion, Commissioner Gomez, just post it and go.
So we can post them. we have some concerns about that and why don't you come down, cynthia. One concern we have is if posted and if there is an audience, it's no longer -- no longer serves the same function that the subcommittees normally serve, which is as a bellwether to kick the tires on ideas before they go public as they will be public in that.
4:09 PMYes, cynthia mcdonald with transportation and natural resources. And we did talk about that. One of the concerns as the Judge Noted is that if it is posted, there are some negotiations, especially like with our run-away or other legal issues that we can't openly discuss, and I think it would be a bit premature to have it posted publicly and a lot of working conversations go on with our subcommittee, so I think that would be probably not the most ideal way to do it. I had talked to our directors and our management team and one of the proposalsthey had was -- or actually we agreed on was to perhaps do -- still do a two-person subcommittee, but do it as rolling. Two people would sit on it, one would drop off, another would come on maybe on an annual basis so we'll always have at least two years on there but one stays and we have some continuity, but it allows the entire court an opportunity in a very short period of time to weigh in. And as Commissioner Daugherty pointed out, when there are specific issues for a particular precinct, we're always very good about doing one on ones. There are a lot of times when we are doing countywide initiatives and we will visit with each of the commissioners separately as-well on, you know, how that would affect their particular precinct. So we can do it a number of ways, but we thought if everybody wants to get on at some point, perhaps a rolling one on, one off would serve its purpose.
4:10 PMSo we also had some discussion in agenda setting about whether or not we would add this as a discussion at the retreat about the -- the rolling subcommittees so that each member of the commissioners court would have opportunities to serve on all of the subcommittees over time. I think that that is a very good suggestion for consideration that we would have a rotation.
4:11 PMI mean I can schedule a meeting with you, maybe a monthly meeting or quarterly meeting so we can talk about issues.
Okay. before we start talking about rolling, i'll schedule something and see how that works out.
That would be great. I really appreciate that. We can have a further discussion at the retreat or in any other forum about rotation, some kind of staggered rotation so that we have continuity in the subcommittees, but do get an opportunity to serve more broadly.
4:12 PMOkay.
I did pose the possibility of me rolling off of the clean air coalition. Commissioner Shea, are you interested in the clean air coalition?
I do have an interest in it to the extent that it can -- ca body, and that probably sound -- didn't come out the way I wanted it to, but if we don't need to make this decision, i'm still investigating all of what the clean air coalition does and what is possible with the group, i'd like to have a few more conversations with people before I make a final decision.
Sure. then just for the -- to give them some stability, i'll stay on the clean air coalition for this year. I find it a very valuable organization. Also I had -- I have a desire to roll off of the community advancement network. I've been on it for a very long time, i've also been the chair of it. It's a great organization, but again in the spirit of rotating folks, there are two representatives of the county on the community advancement network, Commissioner Travillion and myself.
4:13 PMWhat's it called?
The community advancement network.
Roll over as executive director.
It is probably the best networking opportunity for moving policies forward. It does not move policies itself, but all the stakeholders are at the table for meaningful issues we have faced.
I have served on that several times, otherwise I would say -- but i've served on it several times.
4:14 PMCommissioners shea or daugherty?
I had served on it for much of my first term and I think we were just looking at total numbers of committees. I was on when I rolled off that last year, I think.
Uh-huh. so i'd have to look at the he total number of committees and evaluate my ability to put the time in.
I was on it once and got banned from it so I probably don't need to -- [laughter]
I will continue to serve on the community advancement network. This will be, I believe, my 11th year. So that does it for the committee assignments, I believe. But I do think that it merits a conversation at retreat with regard to rotations because I think we see that sometimes there is -- there is little movement with regard to committee assignments. And we might be able to profit by a little more movement. Let's go to the retreat. We did identify a date we think might work. Andromeda, did we send out an email to the commissioners with regard to the preferred date?
4:15 PM[no microphone on].
We were looking at March 14. This is difficult to schedule. If you all could help us find a date that will actually work. We're struggling with finding a date that all five members of the court will attend.
What happened to the March 1st date? I thought we all agreed on that? That was the request I made of the person who we had been trying to find and give us a big picture emerging technology impact on local government.
4:16 PMWe'll go back and look at the March 1st. We can take a look.
Because I do have confirmation for a speaker. It's been hard to find someone. Those people are very busy and traveling and lots of conferences so i'd hate to lose that opportunity, but --
Believe me, I know. i'm really struggling with getting this scheduled. We'll continue to work on a date that will work with everybody.
Tuesday afternoons.
We did. the agendas are filling up. That's time we would take away from our deliberation and voting. So that was -- that was a suggestion that I made, but I did get significant push back on taking up our deliberation time.
4:17 PMSo March 1 we're talking all day or what?
I think we certainly have not two. But we'll keep it to one.
I'll go ahead and block out the whole day.
I'm good for March 1st.
I'm good for March 1st.
March 1st works for everyone, the full day?
And I do have a confirmation for the outside speaker to go there from 9:00 to 10:30 on March 1st
All right.
So March 1st it is?
Sounds like we've landed on a date.
We will make it happen.
And have we identified a location?
No, we have not. again, we really need to do land on a date first. So that's great. We've landed on a date. And then based on my previous notes, I had that Commissioner Gomez was working on a speaker with regard to economic outlook.
4:18 PMWe have some speakers.
And Commissioner Travillion was working with staff on issues around procedure, quality procedure.
Already identified them. I didn't have a date. That's all I needed.
Great. and Commissioner Shea working on horizon issues.
And we have a confirmation for a speaker for March 1st in the morning.
Fantastic. and then we will also go over our travis county vision mission, guiding principles and goals as well as the travis county work plan that was put together by all of the county executives as well as igr and pio. Really great work. And I would suggest that we also throw in some conversation with regard to rotation of our subcommittees. All right. Then I think that dos it on that.
4:19 PMJudge, what's the process for deciding a location? I know the speaker, the one i've arranged, would like to get that on his calendar as soon as possible.
Really it's a matter of availability. We'll be probably taking a look at something that is downtown and readily accessible. Because I have heard from the court that that's really preferred, to do something close at hand.
Does that discount all right?
Somewhere close to jackal learn's, I hear it's pretty good -- jack allen's.
My suspension is find someplace in the central business district, something that we own that we don't have to pay for.
Should be able to find something.
And that's really where we really need to do land on a date first because that does dictate what facilities we own would be available for a full day. Okay. Does that work for everyone? So it will be something. Something we own downtown. Any other questions?
4:20 PMAre we looking at roughly like 8:30 to 4:30 or something like that? Just so --
Let's try and block this out, but I would block out the whole day, including lunch. I think that we -- I think that we have enough work to do for a full day.
So when you say full day, 8:30 to 5:00 or 8:00 to 5:00?
Again, we have a lot to cover. It May be 8:00 to 5:00 with a working lunch. It May be 9:00 to 5:00. But if you would like to go ahead and put brackets on it now, you are welcome to.
I just would like to confirm with the speaker because we initially indicated 9:00 to 10:30. I figured it would make sense to have the big picture vision stuff at the beginning and told him I didn't think it would go more than an hour, hour and a half. He's blocked out 9:00 to 10:30. I presume we might want to start earlier than that. So 8:00 or 8:30?
4:21 PMSure. why don't we -- your proposal is to start at 8:00. How about that?
Or 8:30.
Which would you like it?
Probably 8:30.
Okay. 8:30?
We'll get started 8:30, not at 9:00.
So 8:30 to 5:00 with a working lunch?
Is somebody going to be there with a camera or the clock?
The horizon issues from 9:00 to 10:30 is what Commissioner Shea is suggesting. If we do that for an hour and a half and economic issues for an hour, hour and a half?
4:22 PMAn hour.
An hour. and then procedural expectations for how much time?
An hour.
We'll keep it within an hour, I guess.
Keep them all within an hour?
That way presentation, materials, if we need to do more, we'll have something to write on and share with each other later.
Okay. so we could do the -- if you would all like, we could do all three of those presentations in the morning. That leaves us a half an hour at the top and a half an hour at the bottom. And then that would leave us the afternoon for vision mission guiding principles, goals and the travis county work plan. And a discussion of the utilization of subcommittees.
Judge, we've been talking with the county attorneys about issues related to open meetings act requirements, and I think we could add a brief item, probably 15 minutes to the retreat for a briefing from the county attorney's office on open meeting act requirements. Walking quorum issues, meetings with staffs on issues the whole court is dealing with just so we're all really clear on that.
4:23 PMThat would be a great addition. Why don't we post an agenda for the retreat on the bulletin board and start working through it. I can see with five different people we might -- we might have difficulty scheduling everything appropriately. Maybe we could work through the bulletin board rather than just on tuesdays and continue to refine the schedule and the expectations. Does that sound good? A crowd sourcing of the agenda and the time expectations?
For planning the external speakers, are we in agreement we would start with the vision big picture at 9:00 in the morning.
I think that's certainly fine for me, but I don't know what the -- what you all are envisioning in terms of speakers you are bringing in. I'm a little concerned about throwing down a marker on a specific time if there's going to be a conflict.
4:24 PMI don't think he has time outside that window.
What i'm suggesting is rather than take this deliberation time on tuesdays if we could do this on the bulletin board with an agenda we keep refining sort of in a crowd sourcing, I think that would be really helpful.
So I couldn't confirm with him today he should finalize that on his calendar?
I'm fine with it. is the rest of the court fine with Commissioner Shea confirming with her speaker from 9:00 to 10:00.
Tell him.
9:10:30, but we can keep it shorter than that.
Let me just check in because I heard from Commissioner Travillion we should keep the presentations to an hour.
Okay. I can confirm that with him.
But if we want to change it up, i'm totally good with that. I don't want to be in control of this, y'all. [multiple voices]
4:25 PMYou are not in control.
I think an hour would be fine.
I think an hour would be fine for each speaker.
9:00 to 10:00 then.
That would be great. and would anybody like to take a stab at putting the agenda up on the bulletin board? All right. I will put something up on the bulletin board for folks to react to and add stuff. I'm trying to stay true to what i've heard so far.
If you had a county administrator, you could get all this stuff done and you wouldn't have to do it.

4:25 PMWe'll get it up there. all right. So that takes care of that. Next let's go to executive session. Executive session we've got a handful of items. We have agenda item number 14, which is consider and take appropriate action on the civil and family courts facilities project. This is under consultation with attorney and real property exceptions to the open meeings act. Agenda item number 31, which is receive legal briefing in amy smith versus city of austin, case number 1:18-cv-5051, under consultation with attorney exception to open meetings act. 32, consider and take appropriate action regarding a real estate issue in east austin. Consultation with attorney and real property exceptions to the open meetings act.