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Consider and take appropriate action on a counter offer received for the purchase of Parcel 19, required as right-of-way for the FM 1626 Road Project in Precinct Three.1&2 (Commissioner Daugherty)


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Meeting History

Feb 5, 2019 9:00 AM Video Commissioners Court Voting Session
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Judge Eckhardt announced that Item 33 would be considered in Executive Session pursuant to Gov’t. Code Ann. 551.071, Consultation with Attorney and Gov’t. Code Ann. 551.072, Real Property.

MOTION: Accept the counter-offer, which is a $225,000.00 settlement.

MOVER:Gerald Daugherty, Commissioner
SECONDER:Margaret J. Gómez, Commissioner
AYES:Sarah Eckhardt, Jeffrey W. Travillion Sr, Brigid Shea, Gerald Daugherty, Margaret J. Gómez


Feb 5, 2019 9:00 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoCommissioners CourtVoting Session

5:34 PMWe have returned from executive session where we discussed a number of items, we will take them in chronological order. On agenda item no. 14 with regard to civil and family courts capacity project, do I have a motion in favor of amendment no. 1 to the ena and authorization to the county Judge To -- to execute amendment no. 1?
So move.
We have a motion and a second, all those in favor? Passes on a 4 -- 4-1 vote. Okay. Next, also, is there a motion to direct staff to do a $133,500 transfer to effectuate the items discussed in executive session?
So move.
We have a motion and a second.

5:35 PMAll those in favor? That passes unanimously. On agenda item no. 31 and 32, there is no action. On agenda item no. 33, is there a motion with regard to accepting a $225,000 settlement.
Move for the acceptance of the counteroffer of $225,000.

5:35 PMCommissioner Daugherty, seconded by Commissioner Gomez, is that all right? All those in favor? That passes unanimously. No action on agenda item no. 34. I believe that does it for
Recording was Paused