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Approve proclamation recognizing February 2019 as “National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month” in Travis County. (Commissioners Daugherty & Gómez)


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Feb 12, 2019 9:00 AM Video Commissioners Court Voting Session
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Members of the Court heard from:

Caryl Coburn, Director, Counseling and Education Services (CES)

Kirsha Haverlah, Social Services Director, Justice and Public Safety (JPS)

Randy Randolph, Expect Respect Program, SAFE Alliance

Craig Smith, Captain, Law Enforcement, Travis County Sheriff's Office (TCSO)

MOTION: Approve Item 5.

MOVER:Margaret J. Gómez, Commissioner
SECONDER:Jeffrey W. Travillion Sr, Commissioner
AYES:Sarah Eckhardt, Jeffrey W. Travillion Sr, Brigid Shea, Gerald Daugherty, Margaret J. Gómez


Feb 12, 2019 9:00 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoCommissioners CourtVoting Session

11:34 AMCourt, do hereby proclaim the month of February 2019 as black history month in travis county and urge all public officials and all citizens of travis county to raise awareness and celebrate the contributions of african-americans and to urge all to participate in the aisd celebration in appreciation of african-american history. Whew!
Second by Commissioner Gomez. That was a beautiful reading. Every February it's such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this aspect of our heritage, this aspect of our history, but not only to celebrate, but also to take an unflinching look back at where we have been and celebrate where we have gotten to and rededicate ourselves to where we should be.

11:35 AMAll those in favor? That passes unanimously. Thank you so much. Next we have agenda item number 5. 5 is approving a proclamation recognizing national teen dating violence awareness and prevention month. Commissioner, would you like to read the proclamation?
Whereas all young people deserve to be treated with respect. Whereas respectful, supportive and nonviolent relationships are key to safety, health and academic success. Whereas teen dating abuse is a significant health issue with one in ten teens reporting physical or sexual violence from a dating partner. Whereas teens that experience abuse are more likely to abuse drugs, drop out of school, engage in high-risk sexual behavior, act violently and even attempt suicide. Whereas without the proper support and intervention and young victims are at high risk of becoming victims and perpetrators in adult relationships. And whereas parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, health care providers, clergy, artists, musicians and neighbors in teens' lives have the power to influence youth and help them change their lives in positive ways. Now therefore be it resolved that the travis county commissioners court does hereby proclaim the month of February 2019 as national teen dating violence awareness and prevention month in travis county and urge its residents to join the austin-travis county family violence task force in promoting healthy teen relationships and call upon youth and adults to observe national teen dating violence awareness and prevention month with activities and conversations about respectful and nonviolent relationships in their homes, schools and communities. And I move approval.
11:37 AMSecond.
We have a motion by Commissioner Gomez, seconded by Commissioner Travillion this time. Thank you so much for being here. Would you all like to make some comments to the resolution?
Yes. thank you, commissioners, judge. i'm carol coburn, director of counseling and education services, and on behalf of justice and public safety we have representatives from the austin-travis county family violence task force here with us. And i'm going to let the chair of the task force next to me do some brief introductions and I think they want to say a few words.
11:38 AMGood morning, Judge Eckhardt and commissioners. My name is kersha and we want to thank you for having us this morning. Thank you Commissioner Gomez-and cy for sponsoring our proclamation. I just wanted to mention it is the 30th anniversary of the austin-travis county family violence task force so we'll be doing special later on. We're so grateful to see so many of our partners here today from the travis county sheriff's department, from victim services and the cid, and captain craig smith. Also we have cynthia helotes, from juvenile probation, chair of our public awareness committee. And other members from the counseling and education services depend as well. It's my distinct pleasure to introduce randy randolph from the safe alliance. She works with the expect respect program. I've just handed out a one-pager for you and I have a few more copies at the front desk over there. The expect respect program started in 1989, another 30th year anniversary. Started in response to a request from local high school for services for girls in abusive relationship. Over time and with randy's leadership they added youth leadership programs. Currently the program provides weekly school based groups for boys and girls in abusive relationships or been exposed to violence at home in 29 schools in the austin-travis county area. So it is my pleasure to introduce to you randy randolph.
11:39 AMThank you so much for your proclamation. Because by acknowledging the importance of eradicating teen dating violence, you are allowing young people to name, understand and get help for an issue that is far too common in dating relationships. I'm honored to speak on behalf of expect respect, a program of the safe alliance because it respects not only the dedicated staff, my colleagues that work every day to support the right of young people to be physically and emotionally safe in that irrelevant homes, schools, relationships and the world at large, but it also-represents this work. A vast network of young people throughout our community that care passionately about making this ideal of safety a reality. Expect respect believes in young people's strengths and resiliency to overcome the challenges in their lives. To support each other and to use their voice to make the world a better place. These beliefs are represented in everything we do to promote healing, understanding, education and prevention of toxic and harmful relationships. For us youth voice is everything. When they seek help to heel from the experiences that are holding them back from being everything they deserve tore in their lives, we listen and providing counseling groups. These groups allow them to share stories, unburden themselves from secrets and practice new skills for realitying to people that can be used in every area of their life. Sore foe these groups help them break flu from cycles of family violence and sexual abuse and for others this healing and peer support is a practice ground for establishing and maintaining relationships in a way that up lifts everyone. Youth voice is also reflected in our prevention programming because we need young people to shift society in ways that will eliminate these problems from our society. We have theater programs that provide paying jobs to young people interested in crafting their stories, experiences and ideas to address the issues that are most relevant to their teen lives. They create theatrical pieces that engage audience in exploration of topics that many people find taboo, but a powerful way to educate and change lives. That's why changing lives youth theater company, so aptly named, our long-term partnership with creative action tours and affects thousands of people in our community every year. One leader from that program, isaiah rogers, will be receiving texas council on family violence young hearts matter 5:00 active vase of the year award for his five years of participation in changing lives. As well as a lot of activism that he does outside of this, like he has time. One of the things that I wanted to share is something he said in a presentation to adults. Throughout my life i've been told to be quiet, to stop talking and start focusing. But what I learned is that my voice up lifts my community. And that my voice deserves to be heard. This is our message to everyone, but most especially all of our young people. As we celebrate isaiah, I would like to celebrate the many unsung young heroes that are working in the schools and communities to educate and make needed changes throughout the year. They are our expect respect youth leaders. They are supported by me and other adult partners who support them to use their voice to wake people up about the issues they face including harmful relationships. Partnering with us they inspire everyone to choose actions, ideas and beliefs that challenge the social norms that perpetuate violence and instead focus on relating to others in a caring, loving and supportive and respectful way. For my final words, I would like to share our challenge poster there. Our campaign consent isn't cheesy is youth vetted and supported like all of our work. The simple message reminds us as caring people we need to acknowledge and respect other people's bodies, space requirements, personal belongings, emotions, identities and privacy. Not your body, get consent.
11:44 AMNacho body. my kids have these stickers on their computers so it's really getting out there, the nacho body message. I just love it. Thank you so much. We have a motion and second. All those in favor? That passes unanimously. Thank you all for all the work that you do not just with our teenagers but in so many things. The work with our teenagers, the work with our kids percolates up to the adults so that we all have a better community understanding of what general connecting truly looks like and should feel like. Any relationship has struggles in it. But if the struggle doesn't nourish you and make you better, then the struggle might be abusive. So we really, really appreciate all the work that you do, not only for the kids, but what it means to the adults, too. Thanks so much.
11:45 AMCongratulations.
If I could add to that, craig smith, sheriff's office. Thank you for those words. Thank you all for the support of both of these very important proclamations. And I think that one of the things to note is there is so much that goes on behind the scenes in these investigations. And I know that so often, you know, the eyes get turned to the sheriff's office because it's a law enforcement aspect. But I just want ev everybody to know that we appreciate all of the partners. There is no way that we could get our job done and be successful in the things we do in protecting victims without the collaboration and support from justice and planning, the da's office, the county attorney's office, the support from the commissioners court, the advocates, victim services units. There are so many teams that hook at these case -- look at these cases on so many different levels to identify those that are at the highest risk and help us identify that to make sure we are able to pay close attention to those that need that attention and make sure that we have a good solid case all the way through prosecution. And we couldn't do it as a law enforcement agency on our own. It takes such a large group of very dedicated people to get it all done. You said it well, when you talked about the support systems. A tempt to testament to that is evey behind you, so many more people than just law enforcement. I want to thank everybody for that.
11:46 AMThank all of you.
Can we come down and take a picture with y'all?
That would be awesome.
Media, we're going to go down and take a picture. After the picture we'll recess for lunch and come back at 1:30. Does that sound good? All right. &j

1:36 PMWelcome back to the travis county voting session of February 12, 2019. Before we reconvene as the commissioners court, we will convene as the bee cave road district to take up a couple of items. The first is agenda item number 2, which is authorize the county treasurer to invest county funds.
So moved.
We have a motion and a second by Commissioner Daugherty, seconded by Commissioner Gomez. All those in favor? That passes unanimously. Commissioner Travillion and Commissioner Shea temporarily off the dais. And approve the minutes.
So moved.
We've got a motion by Commissioner Daugherty, seconded by Commissioner Gomez. All in favor? That passes unanimously. Also with two members temporarily off the dais. And if there is no objection, we will adjourn as the bee cave vowed district and reconvene as the commissioners court.