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Consider and take appropriate action regarding payment and reimbursement of costs and expenses related to the creation and organization of the Southwestern Travis County Groundwater Conservation District. (This item may be taken into Executive Session under the Consultation with Attorney exception.) (Commissioner Daugherty)


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Meeting History

Jul 30, 2019 9:00 AM Video Commissioners Court Voting Session
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Members of the Court heard from:

Vicky Kennedy, Hydrogeologist, TNR

MOTION: Approve Item 26.

MOVER:Gerald Daugherty, Commissioner
SECONDER:Jeffrey W. Travillion Sr, Commissioner
AYES:Sarah Eckhardt, Jeffrey W. Travillion Sr, Brigid Shea, Gerald Daugherty
ABSENT:Margaret J. Gómez


Jul 30, 2019 9:00 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoCommissioners CourtVoting Session

12:26 PMI don't have the staff to do that. Now, i'll run it by a couple of people, but you can make that call. I mean, you can just go, can't do it. Britney, we're not working on that. Company x, we can't give you any kind of information on that. You go and you work the electeds. You go and you work the chamber.
Then it becomes the shiny object. If we want to go there and do the shiny object, this totally cool company is coming here but they won't come unless you give them a preferential tax treatment, and sidestep staff as the filter, that's a terrible idea.
They're not sidestepping. i'm not saying to sidestep.
We have a motion and a second. We're at 12:27, Mr. Scadden, who has been here all morning long with regard to the gcd would like to get resolution on his matter as well. All those in favor? Those opposed? 4-1.

12:27 PMWe'll combac -- come back with a schedule for periodic updates to the commissioners court. I would like to get agenda item number 26 handled. It's a $15,000 transfer from unallocated reserve to assist the gcd. Is that what it is?
So moved.
Allocated, sorry, I said unallocated, I meant allocated reserve. Number 26, consider and take appropriate action regarding payment and reimbursement of costs and expenses related to the creation and organization of the southwest travis county groundwater conservation district. And it was a $15,000 budget transfer from allocated reserve to tnr?
And we have a motion by Commissioner Daugherty. Do we have a second?
12:28 PMSecond.
We have a second. i'm so sorry to rush you. Commissioner Shea, please.
I do want to note for the record that we have already spent $100,000 that was, I think, passed through the barton springs reserve for conservation district to enable the study of the trinity aquifer as part of this effort. I'm all for aquifer protection, obviously, but I want us to be very mindful of what kind of expectation is being created about how much money travis county will put into this effort. The legislature was told clearly that they were not allocating enough funding mechanism for this. So if the election creates this aquifer district, I want to be clear on the record that i'm not writing a blank check for the costs that are unfunded because the legislature did not give this gcd the tools to properly raise its revenue for operations. We cannot write a blank check on this, so I want that to be really clear. And i'm a huge advocate for aquifer protection, but the communities that are affected are just simply going to have to put more funds in.
12:29 PMI agree.
The unfortunate thing is we couldn't have gotten it out of the legislature if we would have written it any differently. We've always known that we are going to have to be the adults in the room to get this thing out of the ground and started. Now we've got to be very, very diligent, as we have discussed with rick. And he's gone over that with his board, that, you know, spending has got to be -- I mean, we're going to spend 50 grand just on the election. I mean, so -- but to get in this game is going to cost us some money. But we are going to have to be very diligent about what we spend.
Exactly. call the question.
Commissioner Shea.
12:30 PMI just want to make one clarification. I'm vicki from tnr. The $100,000 was not any part of that went to the groundwater conservation district.
I thought it was used to determine the trinity aquifer.
That's right.
That's what I said. but for the trinity aquifer which this gcd is being created to protect.
All those in favor? that passes unanimously with Commissioner Gomez temporarily off the dais. Thank you so much for staying all morning on that.
Thank you.
And thank you, staff, for being prepared to answer all questions, and working so closely with the barton springs edwards aquifer conservation district and the western travis county gcd looking at all of our options in order to collaborate and combine resources.
Thank you.

1:31 PMAgenda. &j
Good afternoon and welcome to the July 30 commissioners court. Next is agenda item number 28. Commissioners and Commissioner Daugherty will join us jointly. This is just an update. No action necessary by the commissioners court today. Thanks so much. I will state with the record we did take some action on the consent motion to mirror our tax exemptions that we provide to residents as well.