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Consider and take appropriate action on:

a. Routine personnel actions
b. Non-routine personnel actions
(Commissioners Travillion & Gómez)


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  1. #8; Personnel actions

Meeting History

Jul 30, 2019 9:00 AM Video Commissioners Court Voting Session
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MOTION: Approve Items 8.a-b.

MOVER:Gerald Daugherty, Commissioner
SECONDER:Margaret J. Gómez, Commissioner
AYES:Sarah Eckhardt, Jeffrey W. Travillion Sr, Brigid Shea, Gerald Daugherty, Margaret J. Gómez


Jul 30, 2019 9:00 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoCommissioners CourtVoting Session

2:34 PMThat's the goal more than, you know, being -- i'd love to be able to say we had enough capital to offer everybody $100 cheaper insurance. That's not realistic. It's more just this idea of this balance a between central health and sendero. And to Commissioner Gomez's point, it is not in our forecast that we will be coming to central health for capital. That's not the design, so.
2:35 PMAll right. that completes our update. We really appreciate --
Thank you, commissioners, judge, we appreciate the time.
To smal -- Commissioner Daugherty's point, healthcare in the united states is more complicated than it should be. We appreciate your expertise in unraveling this and getting the best benefit for travis county constituents in need of healthcare. Thanks.
Thank you, members.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Out of here?

2:35 PMI would like to get folks out of here, but there were a lot of things going on. So, let's take agenda item number -- we've got a number of things. I'm sorry, Commissioner Daugherty.
2:36 PMNo, that's --
Agenda item number 8, which you pulled from consent. Agenda item eight is to consider and take appropriate action on routine personnel actions and nonroutine personnel actions. You had questions?
Yeah. just to comment, is carlos still here? Yeah, I think he left. My only point on this was on b, chief deputy number 5. You know, obviously we put everybody on 66 a few weeks ago. And, you know, I made the point at that time that that chief deputy in five has a whole lot more folks that they have to manage. Now, i'm sure that carlos as identified who he's going to hire. He knows what the pay is. He's taken the job. But I wouldn't be surprised if, you know, at some point in time this subject matter might not be brought back up. That's the point I wanted to make. I move approval of eight.
2:37 PMSecond.
All those in favor? what is it we're moving approval of?
Agenda item number 8. the entirety of eight.

2:37 PMCommissioner Daugherty seconded by Commissioner Gomez. All those in favor? Unanimous. Agenda item number 10, Commissioner Daugherty, that was consider and take appropriate action on the budget hearing. I'm sorry, no. 10, consider and take appropriate action on a license agreement with the city of austin for the city's use of 50 parking spaces on the roof of 700 lavaca parking garage.
2:38 PMRoger -- so, these are 50 spaces that the city wants to use because they're going to be doing work at the old library. I think it's very interesting that the city of austin, with their stance on downtown parking, that they are going to come to us. You know, I guess we'll take the money. [ chuckling ] I mean, we all know that the parking down here is pretty stressed. I mean, are these workers?