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Close the Public Hearing in Item 2


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Meeting History

Jul 30, 2019 9:00 AM Video Commissioners Court Voting Session
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Members of the Court heard from:

Anna Bowlin, Division Director, Development Services and Long Range Planning, Transportation and Natural Resources (TNR)

MOTION: Close the Public Hearing.

MOVER:Brigid Shea, Commissioner
SECONDER:Jeffrey W. Travillion Sr, Commissioner
AYES:Sarah Eckhardt, Jeffrey W. Travillion Sr, Brigid Shea, Gerald Daugherty, Margaret J. Gómez


Jul 30, 2019 9:00 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoCommissioners CourtVoting Session

9:16 AMOh, gerald is back. [laughter] 12, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 29, and 30.
9:17 AMMove approval of consent items.
All those in favor?
I have a question before we vote on that. I had understood central health was going to present today, but this is on consent.
Only the tax exemptions. they mirror our tax exemptions.
Thank you.
We have a motionen a second. All those in favor? That passes unanimously. Okay. So let me just mark this, keep track. On our no action list, we have two items.

9:17 AMEmergency services, there is no action today. And agenda item number 27, we're doing more work on that and it will come back. Next we'll go to our public hearings. I'm going to take 2 first. Receive comments regarding the resubdivision of lot 2, block a, wells branch, face o, section 2 in precinct 2.
9:18 AMMove the public hearing be open.
We have a motion by Commissioner Daugherty, seconded by Commissioner Gomez. All those in favor? The public hearing is now open. I'm going to go ahead and read the action item as well just for grins. It's going to sound similar. Consider and take appropriate action on the resubdivision of lot 2, block a, wells branch, phase o, section 2, 2113 west wells branch parkway, city of austin two.
Mile jet in between 2.
Good morning, anna bowlin, travis county tnr. The purpose behind this request is to split this lot into two lots so the business going on one of the lots can have its own lot. I know of no objections and we recommend this item.
9:19 AMIs there anyone in the audience who has questions, comments, relevant information for the commissioners court's consideration.
Move the public hearing be closed.
A motion by Commissioner Shea to close the public hearing, seconded by Commissioner Travillion all in favor? That passes unanimously.
I just have a comment.
Do I have a second?
We have a second moved by Commissioner Shea, seconded by Commissioner Travillion the resubdivision and the comment.
And this is just really to underscore how closely we're looking within the limits we have under county law. Even with a small action like this, we have to determine if there is sufficient water for firefighting. And we've also -- we also require that there be more than one way in and one way out. And i'm assuming this meets that.
9:20 AMYes.
Yeah. so it's just a -- there are very few things we can do under the law, but we are rigorous even on something as small as a resubdivision.
Right. when we look at this, we look at, you know, what was originally platted and whew we need now, and, you know, I think there was a business previously on this tract. This is -- we find this meets our requirements and we recommend this item.

9:20 AMThank you.
All those in favor? that passes unanimously. Next we'll go to our other public hearing, agenda item number 1 and action item number 9. 1 is receive comments regarding setting the salaries of elected officials for fiscal year 2020. Do I have a motion to open the public hearing?
So moved.
A motion by Commissioner Gomez, seconded by Commissioner Daugherty to open the public hearing. All in favor? That passes unanimously. The public hearing is now open. I'm going to read action agenda item number 9, consider and take appropriate action regarding setting the salaries of elected officials for fy 2020.
9:21 AMThis particular item is the public hearing item on July 9th the commissioners court approved plaguesment of an ad in the austin chronicle with the proposed maximum fiscal year 2020 salaries for our elected officials.