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Consider and take appropriate action on the budget hearing schedule. (Commissioner Gómez)


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  1. #13; Budget hearing schedule

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Jul 30, 2019 9:00 AM Video Commissioners Court Voting Session
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Jessica Rio, County Executive, PBO



Jul 30, 2019 9:00 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoCommissioners CourtVoting Session

3:25 PMOrganizations, just so we can particularly get that message out into the nonprofit community. And as you say, to all the people that they have contact with on a daily basis.
Yeah, that's excellent. how are you going to turn it up to 11? [ laughing ]
I like that, a little spinal tap there. Congrats and welcome, john.
Thank you so much.
Judge, as a to-do we would ask the court to adopt the resolution that has been presented to you. The resolution sort of lays out, again, a little bit about the importance of the census and basically commits the court to a leadership role that has already been undertaken a year ago to help our community -- to help make sure everybody counts.
3:26 PMResolution just memorializes our commitment. It doesn't initiate our commitment. Do I have a motion?
Move approval.
I have a motion seconded by Commissioner Gomez. All those in favor? That passes unanimously. And we are already off to the races.

3:26 PMAnd thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, judge.
Next, let's go to our budget hearing schedule, because I think that's going to be relatively quick, and then we'll go into our contract compliance. Sorry, the day is not unfolding as I expected. But if it goes how I expected it would be boring. So, 13, consider and take appropriate action on the budget hearing schedule.
Jessica rio, planning and budget. We have here today a new process that we discussed with you back earlier in the summer. We'd like to schedule budget hearings basically at your invitation. The way we've set this up -- you'll have to bear with us. It is the first time we've done it. We've given you -- late last week -- if you don't have a copy, I have additional copies here in a size that you can read -- t submitted this year. We ask that you work on these independently and use the online message board if you'd like as well, and then turn them in to the judge's office by Monday the 5th. I'd like to have an agenda item to tell you back what I have seen as far as what you'd like for your budget hearings. And that will allow the process to be transparent. And then from there we can schedule up those budget hearings on august 22nd and/or 23rd. My guess is that hopefully only august 22nd because this process is really engineered to work for only select -- very few select items. And then we can work with departments to get backup from the departments by august 12th so that we can get the complete backup, including pbo analysis, to you a week ahead of that august 22nd date. So that's really all I have today, to let you know the preliminary budget was published on July 22nd. So you have that. You also have all the black book writeups from the planning and budget office. And we also delivered, I think last thursday, the budget hearing request forms with your names at the top. And so if you could just ghettos get those to the judge's office by august 5th, and know you will probably hear from me on the 5th.
3:28 PMI would have a further request, when I first started on the commissioners court, I checked everything that looked interesting that I thought ought to be discussed, and that was a very, very poor strategy on my part. So I would ask the members of the commissioners court as you fill out that sheet, do check in with one another and see that there is another member of the commissioners court that's also interested in that. If it's just one, that just creates work, actually.
3:29 PMAnd it's very important to note this is really designed for select budget topics or budget hearings. It's not a process that would bode well for multiple items to be selected.
So do use that bulletin board to check in with one another and get this down truly to probable budget hearings rather than just kurtly budget hearings -- courtesy budget hearings.
3:30 PMIf this is too detailed and too much, and you only have one thing, feel free to write that.

3:30 PMJust say my one topic is x and that's final fine with me. I will see you in a week.
Next let's go to contract compliance, agenda item number 15.
We didn't need to take action on the budget hearing schedule?
No. receive briefing regarding the contract compliance program. Hello, y'all.
Good afternoon. I didn't recognize you without your colored hair.
It's been a while.
This is item 15 and we did send in our presentation.
There it goes. or soon. It's coming soon.
Perfect. good afternoon, Judge And commissioners.