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Receive an update on current Census 2020 outreach efforts. (Judge Eckhardt)


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  1. #10; Update; Census 2020 outreach efforts

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Feb 18, 2020 9:00 AM Video Commissioners Court Voting Session
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Members of the Court heard from:

Julie Wheeler, Intergovernmental Relations Officer, IGR

John Lawler, Census Program Manager, IGR



Feb 18, 2020 9:00 AMVideo (Windows Media) MP4 VideoCommissioners CourtVoting Session


9:09 AMAnd now if there's no objection, we are adjourned. [ adjourned ]
Good morning and welcome to the February 18, 2020, voting session of the travis county commissioners court. The mountain laurels are in bloom. That's evidence of global warming. We will get started this morning with our public communication. Public communication is at the discretion of the commissioners court. We hear input from county residents on county matters not on the commissioners court agenda today. As a matter of practice, not obligation, the court allows up to three minutes on information valuable to county issues. We have one person signed up and it's Dr. Kim.
9:10 AMGood morning. honorable judges and commissioners and wonderful travis county commissioners court attorney. The best pastor of the church in human history [indiscernible] u. S. Our savior lutheran church, yager lane. Someone preached saying that we are the light of the world and we are salt of the word. So I have to shine this court and travis county and texas and usa of the whole world and specially our president, donald trump. The best president ever in human history. To make usa shine, to make of the whole world shine. How wonderful he is. I proved donald trump is greater than god. Why? He made the people of the united states, the ruler, we are the ruler. Even god, jesus christ didn't make the people ruler. How wonderful donald trump. And he also, he said that we, the people, not only ruler but also we are the people and of the whole world the people. Make the peace, freedom to keep our world to shine right now. America is the best country ever. He will be perfectly elected , I proved scientifically so many times here and especially that donald trump was supporting campaign walker in austin. They walk 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I don't know when they sleep. I don't know when they take a break. A gentleman eat his meal in a car and finish it immediately run away to work. That's donald trump, his supporters. So so many wonderful, amazing, super ladies and gentlemen working in austin area. He will be perfectly, absolutely re-elected. [buzzer sounding]
9:13 AMThank you, Dr. Kim.
Thank you.
We have no county announcements this morning so we'll move directly to our agenda. So media? We'll start this morning with our consent motion, designed to capture agenda items that are -- I expect to be noncontroversial and receive a unanimous vote of the commissioners court so I will check with my colleagues to see if they would like to pull anything for deliberation before we make a decision. I do note that Commissioner Daugherty is out on a planned vacation and I believe Commissioner Gomez is a little under the weather today. So both will return to commissioners court soon but not today. So the consent motion includes c1 through c4, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25 --
9:14 AMShow me ab takenning on 23.
23 will not be on the consent motion. We left off with 25, and a1.
Move approval of consent motion.
9:15 AMSecond.
All those in favor? let's go to 23, consider and take appropriate action on advance funding agreement with the texas department of transportation for the u. S. 290 from rm 1826 to sl1 project.
I don't know that we need a layout. I have a practice of abstain ing on issues over the aquifer.
Do I have a motion?
Move approval.
I will second that motion. Those in favor? One ab standings. That passes on a unanimous 2-0 vote with one abstention. Next let's go to our list of no action items. It's short today. Agenda item number 7 with regard to emergency services. Agenda item number 24 with regard to the vision, mission, guiding goals and principles for the county. We'll bring that back when we have a fuller court. And housing finance corporation item number 1, which is at the back of the agenda. Next let's go to our public hearings. I will read the public hearing item as well as the action item so it's going to sound duplicative. The first is receive comments regarding the issuance of a mass gathering permit for luck reunion to be health March 19 and 20, 2020. Do I have a motion?
9:16 AMMove the public hearing be open.
All those in favor? that passes unanimously. The public hearing is now open. Action item 8, consider and take appropriate action on the issuance of a mass gathering permit for luck reunion. We will get a layout from staff first and then take comments from individuals who have come.
9:17 AMGood morning, judge, commissioners, tony calloway, travis county fire marshals office. There has been one minor change to the dates. Originally the application was for March 19, approximately one month ago they amended their application to request the 20th as well. However, they have now rescinded that request in the last few days and it will only be a one-day event as in previous years. Now, as far as when it ends, the actual event as far as getting everyone off site is at approximately midnight, so how you use the word 12:00 p. M. Can be construed at the 19th or 20th, but limited to midnight on the 19th with a starting time of 10:00 a. M. That's what's been previously done for this event for the last three or four years.
9:18 AMThat's 12:00 a.m., right?
Yes, 12:00 a.m.
We're never up --
Yes, i'm continuing to confuse. One-day event with approximately 3400 in attendance, however, they are allowed to go up to 4,000 as has been done in previous years with the public safety plan. As far as the traffic plan, it's remaining the same as in previous years. There was a few modifications to signage. In last year's venue per our request and it worked well. They utilized a showing system and with other large events going on in the downtown austin area, they do a shuttle system and have other parking in the area surrounding it. Each department has reviewed the plan. It's been very few minor changes from last year's plan, which they did some enhancements off our recommendation from the year previous that worked really well. And as of right now everything seems to be moving forward with approval from each of the departments for a conditional permit. Knowing that there's still work that will be ongoing until the actual venue date as far as inspections and continuing the public safety plan development.
9:19 AMThat's great. does the sheriff's department, transportation or health and human services have any additional concerns or are we good?
We're good. sheriff's office is good with the plan.
There is one other additional item, Judge And commissioners, and that's the veins request of 30 minutes -- variance request of 30 minutes. Currently our county guidelines, any event that happens between Monday through thursday, amplified sound is to end at 11:00 p. M. On Friday and Saturday it can extend to 1:00 a. M. This particular request is for 11:30 p. M. , that additional 30 minutes of amplified sound, and 30 minutes to get everybody off site in closing. They have made this question consecutively the last couple of years and it has been granted previously pie the commissioners court. We have not received any sound complaints or other complaints from the area neighbors as it relates to this event. There was a complaint that came in that we're aware of approximately three or four years ago and it was a drummer that got excited practicing the night before the event. And once the maintenance came in, they automatically made mitigation efforts to kill the amplified sound, but it wasn't during the actual event.
9:20 AMLet's hear from the promoter.
Hi, how are you?
Good morning. good to see you again.
Same. we're really excited about this year. For the most part it's a repeat of our past. I believe we've been working together four going on five years now. We, you know, as you know, we work with quite a few of the nonprofit partners, austin wine alliance, farm aid and ham and simms. We're expecting some very similar audience to the past few years. The lineup and the announcements have been made, the ticket sales -- we've switched over the years to a lottery system for tickets because demonday was so high and any of the last few years it's been mitigating the challenge of tickets and how small a land-locked event we are out there, but we don't expect any big changes and excited to be doing it again this year.
9:21 AMIt's a pleasure to have you as part of the festival economy here. You all are such a good example of a well organized event.
Appreciate that. we're trying. Try to improve every year.
I think the fact that we've not had any noise complaints is a testament to all the work that you've done, and you've used some somewhat sophisticated sound technology to sort of direct and --
9:22 AMWe deal with quite a bit of stuff out there. Luckily the way we're positioned is really unique on the hilltop. The community has slowly encroached in that area over the years, but because of us being a hilltop and the way it's arranged, the sound bleed isn't super terrible for the neighbors and to be honest I think we've always tried to make a lot of ability for the neighbors to be involved in the event any way we can and the community. As you all know, Mr. Nelson's property has been open for a lot of other community things in the past. We're going to try to improve that over the years ago well so we might be talking to you guys about a few more community-based events just to keep it involved.
That's fabulous. sounds good. Move approval.
Hold on. we're still in the public hearing phase. Is there anyone who would like to give comment on this public hearing or who has information, concerns? Ms. Pollard, come on down.
Hi, my name is melissa pollard. I live near willie's ranch. I'm here today on behalf of my neighbors to show support for this event. Thank you.
9:23 AMThank you very much for coming down for that.
I just want to say, you know, having neighbors support an event is the highest form of community approval. To do things technically right, to have community support it, those are the types of things that we want to see all over. As long as we don't get give another drum set and turn them loose.
Drummers and bass players are super important. It's not all about the singer and lead guitarist.
Pretty important.
We're all equal. really, it is the highest compliment to the event that there is such enthusiastic support from the neighbors, not begrudging support, but a neighbor what will come down to commissioners court to represent the neighbor support.
9:24 AMThere is a reason lionnel richie trance sended the commodores. I'm just saying. [laughter]
Do I have a motion to close the public hearing on that note? [laughter] on that note, hmmm.
I move to second
All those in favor? that closes the public hearing. May I take the same motion and second to approve the conditional permit?
All those in favor? that passes unanimously. That would include the 30-minute variance?
Yes, that includes the variance.
Thank you so much for your diligent work and we look forward to working with you and using this as a template possibly for expanding our festival economy in the unincorporated areas east and west. Thank you.
9:25 AMThank you all.
Next my bad, it appears that agenda item number 20 was not quite ready to go yet so May I have a motion to reconsider the consent motion.
So moved.
All those in favor? that passes unanimously. May I reurge the consent motion. C1 through c4, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 25, and a1.
Move approval.
All those in favor? that passes unanimously. Jillian, you are going to have the easiest time today with the motions and second. Let's go to agenda item number 2 and 21. Agenda item number 21 receive comments regarding a request to authorize the filing of an instrument to vacate a public utility easement located along the common lot line of lots 5 and 6, block l, apache shores.
9:26 AMSo moved.
All those in favor? that passes unanimously. The public hearing is now open. I will read the action item, 21, so we can go directly to it. Consider and take approprite action on a request to authorize the filing of an instrument to vacate public utility easement . . . Subdivision in precinct 3.
Good morning. anna bowlin, travis county tnr. Sadly I don't have any enthusiastic drummers with this hearing, but we do have an applicant that wants to vacate this public utility easement on the common lot line between these two lots so they can build a house there that does not encroach. We have letters from the utility companies in the area saying that they don't object to this. We haven't heard any objections from anyone else. This meets our requirements and we recommend this item.
9:27 AMIs there anyone in the audience who has comment, questions, information on this item? Do I have a motion to close the public hearing?
So moved.
All those in favor? that passes unanimously. Next to the action item, May I take the same shea, travillion?
All in favor? that passes unanimously. I see an early lunch. Agenda item number 9, consider and take appropriate action on an appointment to the sobering center board of directors. Good morning, ms. Wheeler.
9:28 AMGood morning. julie wheeler, intergovernmental relations office. So last week the court interviewed three different applicants. Paula coopwood, lynn sherman and brent lambbret. That term would expire September 30, 2021. Unless you have questions, i'l leave it up to the court to deliberate on a selection.
Commissioners, I believe you May be aware the emails that we received from the current chair and the immediate past chair of the sobering center, that was new information that came in. I also took the liberty of discussing with both of them succession planning with regard to board membership because I knew that the city of austin was also looking at making an appointment. They have made that appointment and I had the name, oh, my goodness, I didn't write it down on my agenda. She is a tax lawyer, former chair of the thinkery and her name will come to me.
9:29 AMI can't think of who it was.
A very good appointment by the city of austin. Judge Hoe engirt even reminded me there will be other members rolling off and they are interested in building capacity in additional folks to prepare them for possible future appointment by the city and the county. I did want to put that into the hopper that whoever we choose today, those who are not chosen I would hope that the current board would find a way to utilize them in the hopes they would be appointed next.
I move that we appoint lynn sherman.
9:30 AMI second. do you want to comment at all?
Well, I just think that his experience is extensive. That these are issues that he has been working directly on in this community for years and years, and I think that he represents both sides of the community. So -- so I think that i'm just very pleased that he would put himself up for this type of service.
And I feel the same way. we had a real embarrassment of riches with our candidates and I want to echo what you had said. I would hope that our candidates would keep themselves in consideration for these other positions that will open up. It was a difficult choice because of that, but I think both lynn's extensive service, I mean reading his resume is exhausting. I don't know how he's had the time to do all this stuff he's done. But the fact he brings so much crucial experience to the position I think makes him a remarkable candidate and I think he would be an excellent board member.
9:31 AMWe do have an embarrassment of riches and these are three individuals who are less interested in title and more interested in service, so I am confident that we will have all three of their talents available to the sobering center and so many other big issues in the county. All in favor? That passes unanimously.
I'll notify all three and then I will also keep the other two candidates on our mailing list so that when other vick vacancies arise they will be alerted. Next agenda item number 10. Receive update on current census 2020 outreach efforts.
Good morning, julie wheeler again with intergovernmental relations office and john muller, census program manager. Just as a way of reminder, we are about a month out from people getting their notifications to take the census. Those first cards should be going out between March 12 through the 20th. That will be the first notification for people taking the census and what the form will look like, in the years past it's been the complete census, but this year it will have you number to go online. You will have the option of doing it by phone or mail. After the first wave, %-@march h will get a reminder letter, and then you will get a reminder postcard at the end of March between March 26 and April 3rd. April 1st is census day. You will still have a month after that to complete your census. After that point that is when enumerators will begin going out and trying to do in-person counts for those who didn't respond. Again, like I said, three ways to do the census this time. Mobile, this first the first where they will be primarily utilizing internet based response, phone if you snead assistance, and then a paper copy for those later on. I'm going to now punt it over to john to get into the meat of our presentation with our update. I'm going to trade places.
9:33 AMGood morning, y'all.
Good morning.
Thank you for having us. there's a whole heck of a lot going on right now. We're getting into the crazy season of census right now. You know, just as a way of introduction, when I came on to this role five to six months ago, I always like to open our meetings with our ccc and subcommittees say hey, this is a creative period, let's come up with stuff that May work and hasn't been done in the past. When we get close to the date, we're going to have to work on what we've got in place and we're past that creative phase. If there isn't a budget, we're not going to get funded, if there's not a plan. We've got plans and budgets in place to start working on this stuff. Real quick again, john lawer will, I was put here back in august.

9:43 AMThank you, loretta.
A shout out to you, loretta.
On this next slide --