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Feb 18, 2020 9:00 AM

Receive legal briefing in Emily Borchardt v. Travis County, Texas, et al., Cause No. 1:19-CV-00891-LY.1 (Judge Eckhardt)


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9:43 AMThank you, loretta.
A shout out to you, loretta.
On this next slide --

9:47 AMHasn't talked about very much |because it's have.
9:50 AMCommissioner Shea.
This really sounds fabulous. I'm really excited to see how this whole effort has grown. I like the idea of us looking for opportunities to put up posters. Have we done that in the courthouse? Have we approached any administrative people at the courthouse and particularly central booking? You have a large number of people who might be hard to reach who might be coming through the doors there.
9:51 AMWe've had various people come to our ccc meetings including the government subcommittee meeting. We haven't had them one on one, but it's been put out there. John and I will be working internally to reach out individually to each of those offices to see what they are willing to do and what they can do.
And then --
That May be best suited, and that's on us. We need to provide those one or two local posters. We have a graphic designer we've approached, but that May be best where it comes from the top of the level of the county out to each of the groups. Instructive in the sense what is or not available to put up.
I'm thinking of places in the the can where we see large numbers of people within where some of them May be populations hard to reach. Are you also doing this kind of outreach at, like, laundromats? A place where people don't have access to washing machines, which is probably a is he somewhat hard to preach population.
9:52 AMThe hispanic ccc have identified hot spots like that and that's what they plan on doing is sending folks to those locations.
They are already identifying those places.
They are, and the hardest thing in our way right now is just getting folks out there and going at it. We're going to have to have a paid canvassing -- an arm that will be paid canvassing and that's where we'll eventually pay someone a good wage to be out there with a tablet getting folks to sign up for the census at the laundromat.
One person?
One, two, three, again where this could get exciting. I'm trying to make sure we have a baseline colonel. From there the potential is huge. The example with 1:00 a. M. , a mom is up late with her kid, seeing an ad that says warning, your neighborhood is at risk for under count. Clicks on that ad, can sign up to volunteer. Whenever we're sending out that paid person to the laundromat, they can say i'm going to grab two volunteers to go with me.
9:53 AMPerfect. can you say briefly how you are coordinating with the constables' efforts? They went after grants. We were happy to ratify them, but I didn't here details about the coordination and I know some of them are going to be targeting the homeless, which are constitutional intended to be included in the count.
Yes, and that's a great question. I'm glad you asked it because that's another example where we're doing something right. Rather than us applying for $250,000 in bulk and us turning around and doling it out, instead what we did through the office was have folks like the constables office, the urban league, serving as fiscal agent for the african-american ccc, different nonprofits work, going to ask for the certain things that we're seeing on a campaignwide level wee need. That way if they get rewarded, it goes to them, but it's a piece of the puzzle we need. So you mentioned constables suits' application for the homeless service provider. That's a role if it gets funded I see as helpful because just working with echo and the different homeless providers to put together a plan. Similar with constable morales' ask, maybe going into neighborhoods volunteers don't feel safe, but to bridge the institutional and the grass roots. Like I mentioned the urban league with the black african-american ccc, they've come up with a budget template for how much each weekend of canvassing an event springfield cost. I think that's smart. That was quincy dunlap. They presented that two weeks ago. Now it's hey, if you want an event manned and staffed, here's the maximum we can give, here's where that money has to go to and has to hit this many people. That was all done together.
9:55 AMGreat. and then I got a question from councilmember leslie pool who was trying to understand a couple of items on their city council agenda and she asked what is the difference between the austin-travis county complete count committee and the austin-travis county collaborative, and then the role the austin community foundation is playing in this whole thing. Because the city of austin allocated 200,000 to the complete count committee, I think as did we, and they've got items on their agenda this week for I think it's an additional 200,000.
No -- is it additional or the initial 200,000 done?
That's what we're -- she's trying to understand and I couldn't answer the question.
I'll take the additional 200,000.
If only. [laughter]
So the other week the court approved designating the austin-travis county census 2020 collaborative. So there's two efforts. So we've got the austin-travis county complete count committee for the census, and that's the large group of stakeholders that were brought in early where we identified government partners, people in the community. I think they've had a total of eight meetings now. That group is the one where we've had these subcommittee evolve out of that. That's the large coordinated effort. There's a sub set now which is the collaborative. That is composed of the mayor, the Judge And then joyce la bomb board with the league of women voters. Taking the county earmarked in its budget and the 200,000 that the city earmarked in its budget previously. Acfist our fiscal agent who will be managing that account. That's what they have coming to them. It won't be an additional 200,000, it will be that early year earmarked 200,000.
9:57 AMThe issue is we have to be much more nimble than either the city or county can manage. As you all know, whenever we take a --
It's a fiscal agent essentially.
Right. whenever we take a contribution from an outside entity, even if it's a canine or a --
$25 donation.
Right, it must come through the commissioners court. This way by establishing a nonprofit with a three-person board housed at acf, we will be able to raise funds and -- for the express purpose of supporting the collaborative.
That helps. the other question --
The county has essentially entered into an agreement with the collaborative to provide outreach efforts. That's how we are funding that is through the 200,000 earmarked from both entities.
And then one of her other questions, it looks like 100,000 is being allocated to the program manager salary, but she said that's not clear.
So that's already happened. That was the ila that the court signed last week. So early on when we conceived of john's position, that was an agreement between the city and county to fund that. So john has already been working as our census --
9:58 AMNo, no, I got that. I did not recall the $100,000 salary figure. I don't mean to put out the spot, but I did not recall that as the dollar amount.
That includes --
The entirety of his being. So salary and benefits. It's split between the two entities for that shared cost.
So I think it would probably benefit the community just to have an asset map, just to identify what is where and what it does and which all -- you know, which organizations are available, how you contact them, whether it's better to email them or call them. If you call them, who would you call. If we had an asset map, then it would make it a little more clear all the --
9:59 AMSure.
That's a great
That's a great idea. we can put that on the website. This $400,000, the additional 150,000 we're likely to receive through grants, part of the reason we formed the action team with the community ccc leaders from trusted nonprofits and different leaders is that way as the budget comes out, it's not just a silo of a coup couple of folks, it's a consensus-building decision. If someone is watching this and would like to say I have a great idea how we could spend those dollars, if there's a specific hard to count community ccc you would like to volunteer with, start volunteering with that ccc and work with that ccc to decide that your idea is the priority idea. And if it is, it can rise to the top and we can budget for that. But that's why we've been very mindful about how we've set that up, so ideas can come up and not just be decided on the top.
10:00 AMThat gives the community a great deal of confidence that it has the who and the how laid out for them, that they're driven to places that can get their questions answered, so.
The website is very helpful for that.
So, the last part of the commercial was, as we go to various communities and set up tables for people to talk, we count. We can count. [ laughing ]
You know. just, we count. You know. I think that the community is feeling that people are taking time, they're including them intentionally. We're going across communities. We didn't wait until the last minute. I think this is ultimately, once we write the after-action report, will be a huge victory for open government, so.
Could everyone knock on their desk? [ laughing ]
10:01 AMWhat is the website for people to go to?
That's my phone number on the bottom of the website. You're going to get my voicemail. We've got an email address on there. We're taking criticism, concerns, consternations about how to improve it and we're moving faster than government, but as fast as we can.
Yes, ma'am. one thing we're excited about is the city of austin contributed towards translating it into seven different languages, you name it, they've got it. That was totally the city of austin. I want to give them credit for that.
They've been a great partner in this. And it's a wonderful community exercise in belonging to really demonstrate that we all count.
10:02 AMSee, city, we said something nice about you. [ laughing ]
We all agree.
Is there anything else for this week? We will be bringing back periodic updates, because this is such an important effort and I will be coming to all of the electeds and various other people begging for money to go into this fund to assist with this.
Thank you for bringing that up. The collaborative -- a huge part of it we didn't mention was for fundraising. Now any of y'all up here could call and go raise $15,000 for this effort.
We all should. but 15,000, that's low-balling, john. That is low-balling, we're going to raise a lot of money that's going to go directly to making sure everyone in travis county knows that they belong and that they are getting counted. And so I look forward to that. [ laughing ]
10:03 AMIf just the 50-some elected officials in travis county kicked in 500,000 from their campaign funds, I think we could see some significant fund-raising.
You're low-balling. what?
The folks who are running now May have a little bit of a squeeze.
I think that this is such an important campaign. And this is a campaign that we can all get behind. This isn't about title and achieving political office. This is about democracy at its most basic level, assuring that everyone counts. And so i'm super excited about it. Thank you so much for these tremendous efforts and for getting out there so early. We did take a little bit of a risk in that we went ahead and hauled off and hired john, and already started setting up our complete count committee on a promise that we would have the funding to support this effort.
10:04 AMThis was a plan that was envisioned long before. It wasn't a whim.
We knew we were going to manage the person and we were going to work collaboratively to raise the money from the city and the county.
Everyone is coming together. the plan is a good one and it's playing out.
Are we allowed to including voter registration information as we talk to people?
That is a great question. and i'm -- this week, that's one of the things i'm investigating. Other communities around texas have said no, you can't do voter registration while at the door. I see no reason why we shouldn't do it ourselves.
Can we officially find out whether we're able to do that? Because as we count people and ask them to participate in the government, it seems like they should be able to register to really participate in their government.
And remember, bruce has offered -- bruce has suggested we could leverage the 4,000 plus volunteer deputy registrars trained to get folks registered to vote. If they're already ready to go, why would we not do it at the same time? We have to come up with a rule and move from there.
10:05 AMThat's great.
All right. let's keep those ideas coming. Apparently you can call john on his cell phone, based on the website telephone number. And also send emails with suggestions or we'll send out things on our own facebook pages and our own social media and continue to find all kinds of good ways to get to everyone and welcome them in on the census.
Number I see is an 854 number.
That's my office line. gave me that credit, though.
He can forward it to his cell.
All right.
Thank you.
Thanks so much, y'all. okay. Do we have the folks available for the bee cave road district? Do we even need folks for bee cave? I don't believe we do. So let's take up the bee cave road district for a moment. We will convene as the travis county bee cave road district number 1 for two agenda items. Agenda item number 2 is to authorize the county treasurer to invest county funds. Do I have a motion?
10:06 AMSo move.
Motion by Commissioner Travillion seconded by Commissioner Shea, all those in favor? That passes unanimously. Agenda item number 3 to approve the minutes for the travis county bee cave road district number 1 voting session of September 24th, and December 17th, and october, 2019, motion by Commissioner Shea seconded by Commissioner Travillion. All those in favor? That passes unanimously.
I read those minutes so carefully.
They are riveting. [ laughing ]
Motion to approve minutes.
That's basically it. and I am certain that there will be no objection to adjourning as the bee cave road district number 1. We are still convened as the commissioners court, which now brings us to executive session, miraculously, at 10:07 in the morning, executive session. And ther's a number of items on executive session that we will not take up. There will be no deliberation or action on them. And those will be -- first i'm going to tell you what we're not going to take up, for which there will be no deliberation or action. Agenda item number 27, that case was settled. Actually, dismissed. Agenda item number 28, there is no update on 28. Agenda item number 32, with regard to charles schwab economic development agreement. And agenda --
10:08 AMQuestion on 32?
That was the word that I got. that's true? Nothing on schwab today. All right. And agenda item number 33, accrued leave for an employee in position 7649, that also is pushed. Correct? Okay. No action or deliberation on 27, 28, 32, or 33, but we will take up 26, consider and take appropriate action on the sale, lease, or exchange of palm school or other property in travis county' s real estate portfolio and acquisition of property interests in the land underlying the travis county exposition center or other real property. Consultation with attorney and real property exceptions to the open meetings act. 29, receive briefing and take appropriate action regarding city of austin, et al. V. Kinder morgan texas pipeline, et al. , cause no. 1:20-cv-00138-rp. Consultation with attorney exceptions to the open meetings act. 30, receive briefing and take appropriate action regarding general land office of the state of texas versus u. S. Fish and wildlife service, et al. , cause no. 19-50178. Consultation with attorney exception. 31, receive briefing and authorize the county attorney to appoint a representative for mediation and/or take appropriate action regarding jesus hernandez and enrique ramirez v. Travis county v. Isaac perez, cause no. C-1-cv-18-010694, in county court at law no. 1, travis county, texas. Consultation with attorney exception to the open meetings act. And 34, consider and take appropriate action regarding the purchase of a conservation easement over 443 acres of land in precinct three in connection with the conservation easement program. Consultation with attorney and real property exceptions to the open meetings act. We'll return to open court before taking any action on these items.

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